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tcg (pairings log pt 2)

5.04 | trivia 100. (tyrant05, frog04, c-0310, teach02, normal05, blackrose10, kuriboh06, sorceress02.)
5.04 | shop. (Shop (Card Pack 01): route05, Shop (Card Pack 02): sword07, sword08, Shop (Card Pack 03 x2): sword09, violinist04, sword10, violinist06, Shop (Card Pack 04): reliable06, chumley03, Shop (Card Pack 05): melodious09, badda-boom07, rockdove08, kailu10, Shop (Card Pack 06): horney01, laidback02, horn10, maracas01, brash06, blackbird06.)
5.05 | matchmaker, armour03, sablier04.
5.05 | 0321, quail05 for 89th03.
5.05 | 0322, regular05 for 89th01.
5.05 | 0323, melody04 for 89th07.
5.06 | 0324, gunman04 for 89th05.
5.06 | otp battles 98, pirate05, speechless02, meatshop06.
5.07 | 0325, 0326, gankutsuou04 for 89th08, tiger05 for sacrifice04.
5.07 | 0327, digidestine04 for 89th02.
5.07 | freebies, profit09, pai-pai10.
5.07 | singles claim, d/005, taurus08, tea05, oppai08, oppai09.
5.09 | 0328, melody04 for 89th07.
5.09 | exchange, rate 01: lion05, lion08, melodious04, melodious09, president06, president07 for spade01, spade02, rate 02: chibi08 for spade05, roses02.
5.10 | 0329, cigars04 for 89th04.
5.10 | classified ads 103, voxaura05, sunglasses08.
5.12 | otp battles 99, calligraphy05.
5.14 | deck donations a and b, future08, unite06, brunhild06, friendly03, loveletter.
5.14 | 0330, shonichi08 for 89th06.
5.16 | 0331, mc trade w ember, received 2ndanniversary16, 2ndanniversary19, destruction05, patridge09, squirrel07, tableware07, crossover06, athlete02, 2ndanniversary03, pallmall08, nostalgia14, quail06, and wisdom06, three love letters, 1 orange, pink, green, and red potion.
5.16 | 0332-0341: armour03, contract04, eight04, elwind06, meatshop06, morningstar01, neptune01, normal05, six03, tamer09 for evangel02, evangel10, magiccancel02, magiccancel07, manager06, manager09, pactio06, pancake01, potion07, rasetsu05.
5.16 | simon says: gangleader0, reset08.
5.17 | received Ace06, Acrobatic03, Advisor03, Amber10, Antares04, Archery04, Aries08, Ash07, Awarded09, Bass-clef01, Bass-clef02, Bass-clef03, Bass-clef04, Bass-clef05, Bass-clef06, Bass-clef07, Bass-clef08, Bass-clef09, Bass-clef10, Beautymark09, Bench08, Bigbrother04, Boots05, Bread01, Caroline04, Cellphone07, Ceo01, Cheerleader05, Chocolate06, Clutch07, Criminal03, Data09, Defeated04, Diva01, Dominion04, Dreams08, Earl06, Eastern08, Eggplant01, Eggplant02, Eggplant03, Eggplant04, Eggplant09, Elrit05, Engaged10, Enthusiasm02, Fate06, Finite10, Foxhound01, Frozen10, Future02, Glare06, Glasses01, Gleam10, Gunblade06, Handsonic03, Handsonic10, Highland06, Hollie02, Hollie04, Hyperion07, Idiot09, Integrity01, Ironheart09, Iwant08, Joker08, Karasu04, Katana06, Killer07, Laconic08, Luxuries01, Luxuries01, Luxuries02, Luxuries05, Luxuries10, Maddog06, Mamushi09, Manage10, Martine09, Mockingbird07, Morisummer03, Nei04, Novelist07, Nun01, Nyoro08, Orzelbialy06, Outcasts02, Pancakes03, Patissiere02, Photographer04, Photon06, Pink04, Pistols02, Plum10, Pog07, Point01, Priest06, Reborn01, Red10, Reluctant02, Reluctant05, Roll06, Sadist08, Sand07, Sapphire01, Saru08, Scar08, Shadow05, Sharks02, Skeptic06, Slap06, Speechless08, Star10, Temporal09, Theories10, Top107, Tornado01, Tristesse06, Tsuga01, Tuturu07, Twig06, Uchuujin09, University04, University06, University09, University10, Unlimited04, Unrequited01, Varna06, Vayu05, Vector09, Villager02, Vino05, Violent04, Western03, Western05, Western05, Western08, Western09, Whiterose01, Whiterose02, Whiterose10, Wild03, Wild04, Wild10, Wonder09, Yukianesa02, Zero03, Boyslove05, Boyslove06, Boyslove08, Boyslove09, Boyslove13, Boyslove20, Kimono01, Kiss04, Muscles15, Service16, Athlete02, Destruction05, Pallmall08, Partridge09, Quail06, Squirrel07, Tableware07, Wisdom06, 2ndanniversary03, 2ndanniversary16, 2ndanniversary19, membercard_ember, Love Letter (x03), Red Potion (x01), Orange Potion (x01), Green Potion (x01), Pink Potion (x01).
5.19 | trading achievements, Trading Achievement (175): disgrace05, lowest06, luna09, Trading Achievement (200): jenova06, red10, softball03, cadet08, loveletter, Trading Achievement (225): waffu03, cadet08, antagonist04, Trading Achievement (250): crybaby09, nightmare05, twisted01, loveletter, Trading Achievement (275): bluehat05, forced07, cabbage09.
5.20 | otp battles: bikini06, lovestruck01, cybele10, lazy01, pallmall09, calming01.
5.21 | level ups: Level Ups: deleted03, finite07, diary08, panther05, incubus06, violinist07, basketball07, bluepotion.
5.21 | matchmaker: jockey02, koopa04.
5.22 | 0342-0348, awarded09, beautymark09, ciaossu03, dog08, god01, ironheart09, tensai08 for adviser02, brothers10, conductor01, menma02, muskets06, pizza07, tracing10.
5.23 | 0349, 0350, dominion02, lipstick02 for menma05, sniff05.
5.24 | singles claims, archer08, freckles08, manager01, rockdove07, oppai10.
5.24 | 0351-0354, attention09, axe04, medea07, police07 for abyssal08, abyssal09, box05, minus01, oracle01, disguise10, poppo01, amanti04, amanti08.
5.24 | freebies, jintan08, poland01.
5.24 | 0355-0362, darkflame03, daru08, firetrucks07, gangleader05, losttime07, strategist07, twig06, wickedeye02 for aura07, anaru10, crossdress04, lascivious06, quiet10, tags04, titans07, tongue07.
5.25 | 0363-0376, albhed01, badda-boom07, beauty09, bluehat05, cabbage09, celestial04, chaoscontrol08, cetra10, chumley03, courage06, cr-s0105, horn10, mascot03, wizard08 for evangel09, gloomy06, gloomy10, knave10, kotoriasobi08, oni10, pactio10, pheasant10, potion01, rocker08, sindria08, sly04, sly10, taurus03.
5.27 | blind date: profe03, gakuren02, nihao02, runic05.
5.28 | 0377-0379, darkmage07, earl06, tojo04 for aura09, firearms10, poppo07.
5.29 | 0380-0402, diva01, parttime07, six05, smallgiant07, bluehair19, acrobatic03, amita09, anego06, archery02, archery04, brash06, clutch07, cybele10, elrit05, hungary04, kailu09, kailu10, paradise08, reset08, sapphire01, sapphire06, sapphire08, wild04 for abyssal06, amanti06, amanti07, amanti10, bestfriend08, composer05, jintan05, kind08, knave08, knave09, luna03, manager05, menma01, mesomeso01, pizza05, rocker06, rocker10, scarf04, sindria01, sly01, stone03, yukiatsu05, oppai03.
5.29 | 0403-0414, bakuzan05, classified02, classified07, drums09, enthusiasm02, gal06, gal07, handsonic03, knox10, keyboard05, mystery03, two04 for antagonist10, fighting08, heroine08, luna04, pactio06, potion05, protective07, sagittarius05, sagittarius08, sindria05, trainee01, yukiatsu01.
5.29 | shop, Shop (Card Pack 01): oppai06, Shop (Card Pack 02)x2: sacrifice06, sacrifice07, basketball02, basketball09, Shop (Card Pack 03)x2: kotoriasobi01, sacrifice09, remaining05, sacrifice05, Shop (Card Pack 04): mechanics08, galax10, Shop (Card Pack 05): blackrose10, nemesis04, railgun08, poppo04, Shop (Card Pack 06): medium08, saturn07, blitzace02, playboy07, interact04, cramschool03, Shop (Love Letter)x4: remaining04, sacrifice01, sacrifice03, sacrifice10.
5.31 | 0415-0417, oppai12 and eggplant10 for my valentines16 and priestess01, mcs.

6.01 | received conductor10, jintan03, sindria10, amanti05, rocker02, magiccancel05, heroine09, quail01, quail02, quail03, quail04, quail05, quail07, quail08, quail09, quail10, legitimate03, sly02, sly03, kind07.
6.02 | otp battles, mute06.
6.02 | 0418, heroine02 for my saturn07.
6.04 | blind date: pharaoh02, shy08, lancer06, odoru04, death10, shibireru03, navigator06, mozzarella07.
6.09 | hiatus freebies, eggplant05, sacrifice08, losttime10.
6.14 | 0419-0424, blitzace02, cadet08, laidback02, plum10, taijutsu10, thief05 for corporal05, eastern06, luxuries04, potion03, rocker04, western04.
6.21 | hiatus freebies, eggplant05, eggplant06.
6.22 | hiatus freebies, freckles07, eggplant07, eggplant08.
6.28 | hiatus freebies, menma03, menma06, destruction09, disguise07, titans10.
6.30 | received a shitton of cards, only listening the relevant ones: mission01, mission02, mission03, mission06, mission07, mission08, mission09, mission10, narcolepsy03, narcolepsy06, swimmer06, swimmer09, quail06, mourningdove03, mourningdove04, mourningdove06, mourningdove08, mourningdove09, buttonquail04, buttonquail09, eastern01, jintan04, knave04, meikyuu05, oblige07, pallmall03.

7.06 | received hat05, kojiharu07, names09, sen07, vain02.
7.06 | 0425, vivid04 for kojiharu05.
7.06 | freebies, oppai08, c-0207, laviscious01.
7.06 | shop, Shop (Card Pack 02): jintan05, menma07, Shop (Card Pack 03)x2: menma08, menma09, zagan01, zagan02, Shop (Card Pack 04): souschef05, bluemoon05, Shop (Card Pack 05): shirayuki02, occult03, temple03, laserbeam09, Shop (Card Pack 06): kuriboh08, yatagarasu07, boku08, vicepresident06, davinci02, inferno01, Shop (Instant Mastery Coupon): pediatrician01, pediatrician02, pediatrician03, pediatrician04, pediatrician05, pediatrician06, pediatrician07, pediatrician08, pediatrician09, pediatrician10, brothers01, brothers02, brothers03, brothers04, brothers05, brothers06, brothers07, brothers08, brothers09, brothers10.
7.06 | singles claim, oni02, pactio03, taurus02, oppai15, oppai16.
7.07 | 0426, handkerchief02 for kojiharu02.
7.11 | exchange: rate 01: idiot01, kousoku01, kousoku02, kousoku03, kousoku04, kousoku07 for jintan10, menma10, rate 02: school06 for box01, box06.
7.13 | trivia: bighearted06, fiance09, eroge03.
7.13 | masteries: Masteries: pediatrician-brothers, brash08, clow06, arbalest07, knave02, knave03, greenpotion, Masteries: defender-hands, eatos06, medic06, partner02, knave06, knave07, orangepotion, Masteries: spade-roses, nova06, chatter09, temperanza02, potion02, potion06, pinkpotion, Masteries: knave-potion, unmei07, union10, mechanics05, manager03, box03, orangepotion, Masteries: remaining-sacrifice, criminal08, heal03, sexta03, box04, manager07, orangepotion, Masteries: basketball-kotoriasobi, canvas10, quest08, beater09, box07, box09, greenpotion, Masteries: eggplant-bassclef, glasses01, mahjong06, suidream04, zagan03, zagan05, greenpotion, Masteries: jintan-menma, world04, fatherly06, ciaossu05, zagan06, zagan07, bluepotion, Masteries: manager-box, meltdowner05, uncute09, cascade06, zagan08, zagan09, pinkpotion.
7.13 | 0427-0431: applepie02, dornkiste05, hydrangea04, rabbit07, sonic09 for mourningdove07, outside08, perspective08, scouting05, trainee08.
7.13 | 0432-0445: cadence01, engaged10, defeated04, fanalis03, fastest06, fugitive06, fugitive09, glasses01, shiro01, uchuujin09, tristesse06, truth02, vinea04, and melody06 forluna08, odoru09, disguise08, wisdom02, recall04, recall08, pallmall04, rocker03, antagonist09, heroine04, tags03, eastern06, eastern07, stone09.
7.13 | 0446, 0447: luxuries08, jintan03 for samezuka07, coordinator04.
7.13 | 0448, lancelot04 for suidream04.
7.15 | singles claim: taurus06, trusting06, yatagarasu03, oppai13, oppai14.
7.16 | 0449: drawing02 or kojiharu01.
7.16 | otp battles: paladin06, supernatural09, protect06.
7.17 | date spots: capricorn04, strawl02, sail01.
7.19 | classified ads: theater09, nun02.
7.21 | freebies: silkworm07, nei10.
7.24 | otp battles: seahorse01, jagan04, mystery01.
7.26 | guess the videogame: emotional10, knox10, kanemochi19.
7.30 | deck donation 1, 2, 3: similar07, dog07, blaze06, spandex02, reactions04, kaibutsu02, milk.
7.31 | otp battles: stvd10, resonance09, menma02.
7.31 | assemble: magician05, perspective06, paladin04.

8.01 | site trade w miyuki that i forgot to log, 0450-0456: blue05, foxhound01, kappa05, stoic06, stoic10, red10, boyslove05 for my abyssal03, kind07, lancelot08, leading10, meikyuu08, oracle09, yukiatsu06.
8.03 | assemble: ouji06, penguin06, heal04.
8.04 | shop: Shop (Card Pack 02)x2: luna02, luna06, amanti02, amanti09, Shop (Card Pack 03)x2: luna10, buttonquail03, buttonquail05, mourningdove01, Shop (Card Pack 04): villager09, nurse01, Shop (Card Pack 05): script02, pkk05, freestyle06, taboo04, Shop (Card Pack 06): aide04, jr01, heritage01, prosecute03, march02, kbt02.)
8.04 | singles claim: badminton01, gambler10, survivor07, twisted03, muscles04.
8.04 | site trade w miyuki, 0457-0464: boyslove06, boyslove08, boyslove09, boyslove13, boyslove20, calligraphy05, foxhound07, freelance06 for my eastern05, eastern10, inferno06, ink04, jintan07, sagittarius01, sharingan01, trainee03.
8.04 | 0465: recite07 for earth05.
8.05 | 0466-0471: mc trade, diagnostics01, lovers05, magician05, newspaper08, parasol06 for fourteeth02, ink01, manuscripts04, rasetsu03, scar02.
8.05 | 0472, 0473: date03, okonomiyaki04, agent05, mito05 for dreamseer04, earth09, sharingan03, conflict03. (0522, 0523)
8.05 | matchmaker: moogle06, catpaw02, marshmallows07.
8.06 | 0474-0480: bighearted06, cats07, galge03, galge04, subdued03, tuturu09, tuturu07 for fights10, monk04, omyouji08, quiet02, rasetsu02, yareyare10, and youth07.
8.07 | otp battles: xguns02.
8.07 | 0481-0484: forced07, samezuka05, samezuka08, top107 for archer09, muskets07, pactio07, violinist07.
8.09 | simon says: girlslove07, pinkhair20.
8.10 | freebies: medic10.
8.12 | 0485: instruct03 for conflict01.
8.12 | 0486-520: caw10, coquette03, darkmage02, darkmage03, dodo02, duchess03, dullahan07, dullahan08, dullahan09, fogtroupe03, fogtroupe10, forgoten01, guertena04, gymnast02, gymnast08, gymnast09, heir05, jealous06, lascivious01, lascivious04, lascivious06, lightmusic01, lightmusic03, lightmusic10, literary03, literary05, monitor06, muffler08, nun01, oracle09, outcasts02, outcasts08, protective07, stonefree07 for mourningdove02, pheasant05, taijutsu06, violinist03, route02.
8.12 | singles claim: vocalist09, tiger10, tsuga09, oppai20, service14.
8.12 | summer mini-mastery: haircolor-moe, mourningdove09, mourningdove10, elwind02, failure01, athlete08, rivals17.
8.12 | 0521: tessaiga02 for conflict06.
8.12 | 0524: matricide05 for conflict04.
8.14 | 0525: memories03 for conflict02.
8.14 | date spots: shibireru05, bluedragon06, materia02.
8.14 | 0526-0530: angel01, jagan04, pink04, kanemochi19, kiss04 for vain03, hat08 from the release, and athlete05, crossdress03, menma08.
8.14 | shop: Shop (Card Pack 02)x2: lancelot03, lancelot07, zero02, zero04, Shop (Card Pack 03)x2: lancelot10, zero05, witch01, zero06, Shop (Card Pack 04): monitor09, ophelia06, Shop (Card Pack 05): niji06, afro04, takeover08, kritya06, Shop (Card Pack 06): kritya09, lascivious09, ojousama03, lancet08, kyotoryu03, backpack04, Shop (Love Letter)x5: conflict09, zero09, zero10, crossover14, monochrome14.)
8.14 | 0531-0538: barrier08, contract02, eroge03, fourteenth02, hands10, sorrow02, valkyrie06, valkyrie10 for brothers02, dimension07, fate02, medic07, minus09, rockdove06, sannin02, sword02.
8.15 | 0539: resemblance02 for conflict05.
8.15 | 0540-0547: amulet09, boku08, dog07, inu10, march02, resonance09, violin02, girlslove07 for adviser05, bestfriend10, fan09, instructor02, instructor10, odoru05, sand08, tableware06.
8.15 | 0548-0555: gifted freestyle06, gloomy03, gloomy04, gloomy06, gloomy10, impostors03, nailpolish10, nurse01.
8.16 | otp battles: eldest08.
8.17 | trivia 111. classified ads 113.
8.18 | 0556-0560: pizza06, taurus07, tableware02, youth05 for diary01, diary08, dragoon07, homeroom09, mcs.
8.19 | blind date: bachelor06, wingspiker03, karuta08, fatherly04.
8.20 | target practice. freebies 58. exchange: buttonquail06, buttonquail08, mourningdove02, mourningdove10.
8.21 | otp battles: kaiser02. simon says 111.
8.23 | 0561-0572: barrier01, finite07, guitar09, knox10, lowest06, magic01, sablier04, tengu05, tree06, uncute09, vector09, vocalist09 for dimension09, ink03, magiccancel03, medic02, medic04, mind10, rebirth06, sharingan05, sindria07, sniff10, troublesome04, troublesome05.
8.24 | guess the video game: shibireru05, meatshop10, ninjas06.
8.24 | singles claim: cancer09, pisces05, wakaba08, childhood02, siblings13. simon says 112.
8.25 | 0573: world04 for sharingan02.
8.27 | 0574-0576: gekokujou04, mamushi07, moonsault03 forrr danto04, danto06, wings06. card scooping.
8.28 | date spots 113. swapping: dreams06 for destruction02. raffle: 3 random cards from choice deck prize.
8.29 | fireworks.
8.30 | classified ads: novicechef08, hybrid09.

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