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tcg ( log. )

tcg | card post!

J U L Y.
15th. ( received starter pack. )
15th. ( picked up freebies for july. )
15th. ( received opposite09 as a welcome gift from [personal profile] secretambition! )
15th. ( donated oswald baskerville deck. )
15th. ( traded checkmate03 and flawless07 for two thorn queens, received two more thorn queens as extra gifts from/with [personal profile] secretambition. )
16th. ( gifted cleanfreak13 to [personal profile] hiba. )
16th. ( nabbed ten cards from recycled art. )
16th. ( participated in beauty pageant and got four cards and one yellow crayon. )
17th. ( traded whispered03 and whispered04 for bow09 and single09 with [personal profile] secretambition. )
19th. ( traded dragonrage13 for sablier01. )
20th. ( traded rebellious16 and japanese10 with [personal profile] aaveplsgo for swallow04 and deadpan01. )
20th. ( gifted deadpan01 to [personal profile] hiba. )
21st. ( traded lithuania11 with [personal profile] gammacrank for whispered06. )
21st. ( july slot card trade with [personal profile] hologramblue for cleanfreak05 (for fishanima19) as well as a trade for shiro08 for prima07. )
21st. ( august slot card trade with [personal profile] secretambition for sight04 and bestfriend02. )
21st. ( august slot card trade with [personal profile] miha for regret02 and bestfriend05. )
21st. ( august slot card trade with [personal profile] cautiousardent for bestfriend06 and karaoke05. )
21st. ( gifted maou20 to [personal profile] cautiousardent. )
21st. ( gifted sunlight09 to [personal profile] cautiousardent. )
21st. ( august slot card trade with [personal profile] roserade for bestfriend03 and grace07. )
21st. ( august slot card trade with [personal profile] barda for bestfriend07 and urn06. )
25th. ( received 6 cards from [personal profile] hiba screams. )
25th. ( 10 cards from ra. )
26th. ( gifted [personal profile] hiba notequal19. )
26th. ( august slot card trade with [personal profile] octillerys for inherit06. )
26th. ( traded shiro08 for sablier15. )
29th. ( traded melodrama08 for bestfriend09. )
29th. ( traded candles20 with [personal profile] needles for single03. )
30th. ( gifted [personal profile] hiba musket08 and speed12. )
31st. ( traded respected16 with [personal profile] fall for hydrangea07. )
31st. ( traded soccer17 with [personal profile] admiral for bigsister10. )

A U G U S T. links from fall (un) through can be found here.
3rd. ( traded with [personal profile] nepetan for bigsister20. )
3rd. ( traded swimtrunks15 with [personal profile] nepetan for allsunday19. )
3rd. ( received 3 cards from neku's music station. )
4th. ( traded hitman05 with [personal profile] kuranosuke for realeater14. )
4th. ( traded baseball15 with [personal profile] arwentyan for status19. )
5th. ( traded paopufruit14 with [personal profile] rosa for swordswoman18. )
5th. ( gifted planeptune16 to [personal profile] poland. )
6th. ( traded berserker09 with [personal profile] harmonium for planeptune02. )
6th. ( traded part-timer02 with [personal profile] teto for hopeless08. )
6th. ( traded hysteria07 and gaedearg07 with [personal profile] needles for intention02 and heroine02. )
6th. ( traded dollie06 with [personal profile] hopes for maiden11.
6th. ( traded pierced18 with [profile] tennsaiga for sparrow01. )
7th. ( traded caliber17 with [personal profile] secretambition for totori09. )
7th. ( traded highjump03 with [personal profile] admiral for gangleader18. )
7th. ( traded serpent05 with [personal profile] beccastareyes for gangleader02. )
8th. ( traded arcroyal11 and composing10 with [personal profile] shushou for bigsister12 and bigsister14. )
8th. ( traded tomboyish02 with [personal profile] magaru for sparrow18. )
8th. ( traded fantasia06 with [personal profile] moon_wolf for sablier12. )
8th. ( traded planeptune02 with [personal profile] poland for melons16. )
8th. ( traded fistoflove and justice05 with [personal profile] makoto666 for indifferent10 and swallow18. )
8th. ( traded for griefseed04 with [personal profile] atashi for bestfriend10. )
9th. ( traded sadako05 with [personal profile] byakkun for libra02. )
9th. ( traded food17 with [personal profile] fall for realeater13. )
9th. ( traded saru11 with [personal profile] yanyan for 7thheaven11. )
9th. ( leveled up to orange. )
10th. ( august release pickup alongside two referral rewards and handed out cards i owed for trades from my end. )
10th. ( traded ignition11 and yukiatsu02 with [personal profile] lluvia for thornqueen11 and sultry15. )
10th. ( traded alternate07 with [personal profile] kyaaa for b-rabbit20. )
10th. ( traded mako16 with [personal profile] adurotum for notequal11. )
10th. ( traded oranges11 and labcoat10 with [personal profile] ulquiorrasch for widow18 and sablier08. )'
10th. ( turned in two sketchpads. )
11th. ( traded for 7thheaven11 and sultry15 with [personal profile] nidoking for intention20 and thornqueen07. )
11th. ( traded littlekitty04 with [personal profile] pleonasm for bigsister05. )
11th. ( traded mcgronald07 with [personal profile] ankari for stalker10. )
12th. ( traded sincerity03 and taijutsu07 with [personal profile] netbug009 for lipstick16 and hatter02. )
12th. ( traded an orange crayon away to [personal profile] accelerator for a blue crayon. )
12th. ( traded uu02 with [personal profile] frogberri for a purple crayon. )
12th. ( traded hymn02 with [personal profile] triacedia for basketball13. )
13th. ( traded bow01 and bow09 with [personal profile] reneetwist for nyan16 and pipe07. )
13th. ( traded notequal11 with [personal profile] hiba for mysterious02. )
14th. ( traded status02 with [personal profile] hiba for kimono04. )
14th. ( traded kimono04 with [personal profile] rubatosis for dukedom08. )
14th. ( gifted thornqueen13 by [personal profile] hiba. )
14th. ( traded inherit06 with [personal profile] octillerys for bestfriend08. )
15th. ( traded fiancee14 with [personal profile] sinew for fanalis05. )
15th. ( traded hotdog12 with [personal profile] arilyn9 for thornqueen15. )
15th. ( traded elemental13 and aikido09 with [personal profile] anesidorian for awkward05 and india15. )
15th. ( traded boxer14 with [personal profile] lepinky for callous16. )
15th. ( traded awkward05 and india15 with [personal profile] acropolis for sablier13 and stylist02. )
16th. ( turned in two sketchpads. )
17th. ( traded safety13 and valkyria06 with [personal profile] blood for cola17 and gasmask12. )
18th. ( traded tanuki15 with [personal profile] frogberri for logic17. )
19th. ( turned in 13 crayons. )
20th. ( traded hatter02 with [personal profile] swagu for worker14. )

47, maiden11 for cartology16. 48, ??? for libra02 SOBS INTO HANDS. 49, food17 for realeater13. 50, saru11 for 7thheaven11. 9 cards in the august release.turned in two sketchpads, received four cards and two crayons. 51 and 52, ignition11 and yukiatsu02 for sultry15 and thornqueen11. 53, alternate07 for b-rabbit20. 54, mako16for notequal11. 55 and 56, labcoat10 and oranges11 for sablier08 and widow18. 57 and 58, sultry15 and 7thheaven11 for intention20 and thornqueen07. 59, littlekitty04 forbigsister05. 60 and 61, sincerity03 and taijutsu07 for lipstick16 and tagged16. 62, mgronald07 for stalker10. 63, uu02 for a purple crayon. crayon swap, orange for blue. level up, plus three cards and one crayon. ten cards from ra. 64 and 65, bow01 and bow09 for nyan16 and pipe07. 77 for sketchpad with gifts. 78, traded notequal11 for mysterious02.79, status02 for kimono04. 80, kimono04 for dukedom08. received thornqueen13 as gift. 81, fiancee14 for fanalis05. 82, hotdog12 for thornqueen15. 83 and 84, aikido09 andelemental13 for awkward05 and india15. 85 and 86, awkward09 and india15 for sablier13 and stylist02. turned in two sketchpads. 87 and 88?, safety13 and valkyria06 for cola17and gasmask12. 89, tanuki15 for logic17. 13 choice cards. 90, loudmouth18 for intention18. 91, callous16 for bow04. 92 and 93, scorpio15 and taurus03 for bite17 andswordswoman17. 94, roids01 for single20. 95, paopufruit16 for dukedom16. 96, cakes11 for illomen02. 97, erhu10 for righteye07. 98, smelt02 for bow19. 99 and 100, krisna06 andkrisna08 for bestfriend13 and irises04. 101, 102, and 103, gifted krisna09, krisna13, and krisna14. 104, skyjack17 for bestfriend18. 105, nii-nii14 for february08. 106, logic17 forfanalis02. 107, major10 for single13. 108, orbis07 for heroine20. 109 and 110, hallmonitor17 and cola17 for orbit09 and strict05.

111, bear15 for vincent18. 112, viera01 for bestfriend20. switch it up, amiable17 for caution18. 113, illusions19 for elemia10. 114, tiger19 for alleluia13. 115, dorm13 formasochist19. 116, tactician11 for rhythmic07. 117, hadome09 for tsuruko15. 118, magician14 for stylist09. 119, five13 for demonking08. 120, fierce05 for bigsister13. host club giveaway, futari01 and karate04. 121 and 122, cocky04 and teller11 for melons15 and widow03. 123 and 124, cheerful12 and seminar14 for illomen15 and swallow20. 125, 126, 127, circle12, romaantiqua05, and romaantiqua06 for bigsister03, donuts13, and libra16. 128, samezuka03 for irises03. 129, krisna08 for irises04. 130, longdau04 for irises02. 131,paimon06 for illomen07. 132, feathers20 for survive02. 133, 134, 135, and 136, fogtroupe01, 12thpillar17, nephilim03, and sagittarius01 for planners17, youngest17, yanderes16, and irises06. 137, pipe07 for youngest04. 138, hougyoku03 for intention19. 138, outside10 for irises08. 139, 140, and 141, gifted donuts13, triad16, and vincent18. 142, shinen19for planners19. 143, sun01 for survive03. 144, 20th07 for irises05. 145 and 146, neptune20 and savior05 for irises09 and planners15. 147, gal16 for widow19. 148, dauntless16 forgamer08. gifted bestfriend11. level up, three cards and a purple crayon. best friend mastery, three cards and a green crayon. gifted brown crayon. 149, mansion10 foririses16. 150, puppeteer16 for dollmaster15. 151, sadist19 for indifferent02. 152, lipstick16 for planners13. 153, punches01 for thornqueen02. 154, pragmatic10 for youngest20.turned in three sketchpads. 155 and 156, keyboard14 and shannaro05 for fanalis12 and gal13. 157, switzerland11 for cartology09. 158, 159, and 160, bow12, illness10, andkicking02 for alleluia03, cartology01, and infatuated15. 161 and 162, guts09 and villians16 for single02 and swallow15. 163, cybernetic02 for irises12. 164, punches04 for gal19. 166 and 167, aimo07 and prospero17 for youngest02 and irises07. pot of gold, 20 cards. gifted sukonbu11. gifted echo11. 168, platinum17 for november14. gifted princess05. 169 and 170, dynamo19 and rollout18 for logic05 and potato11. 172, gifted november14. 173, greatdane14 for iceblue15. level up to green. 174, gifted potato11. 175, tomboy06 for survive07. 176, confident17 for worker17. 177, 8-bit08 for akagami04. 178, producer11 for dukedom07. 179, iyashikei16 for snake17. 180, 181, 182, 183, and 184, details in link oh my god. 185, futari01 for irises13. 186, snake17 for novoselic12. 187, 188, and 189, clow01, kritya17, and scan09 for irises17, starsinger01, and starsinger04. 190, 191, 192, 193, 194, and 195, look under for details. 196, lucky05 for youngest14. thorn queen mastery, three cards and one crayon. 197 and 198, gene18 and talented13 for menma09 and musicboxes01. 199, koga08 for benishigure03. 200, destiny13 for gergo15. 201, bold13 for diamonds12. 202, broom03 for caged10. 203, heroic17 for halberd11. 204 and 205, cliff01 and hiraikotsu18 for donuts06 and intention04. 206, apprentice06 for irises19. 207 and 208, soccer11 and neatfreak10 for arphage08 and viena09. 1 and 2, coloring book, seven cards. 209 and 210, yuki-onna13 and mirage05 for sia07 and billionaire16. 211 and 212, allsunday06 and lightmusic09 for scarf02 and scarf20. level up, three cards and one crayon. art shop, five cards. 213, 214, 215, sleep11, social19, and upbringing13 for intention06, memorybug01, and mysterious11.

pot of gold, 33 cards and 2 crayons. 216 and 217, birdcalls17 and floating09 for single07 and yuki-onna07. 218, bonds10 for lightmusic16. 219 and 220, restoration10 and whipsmack14 for february12 and strict19. mastery for irises. 221, gunner08 for seashells20. 222, fear11 for betreida15. 223, fighter16 for status14. 224, precipices03 for seashells06. 225, iinodoue11 for demonking05. 226, asleep10 for caged09. 227 and 228, funeral10 and cute03 for mascot03 and halberd08. 229 and 230, center12 and tokunaga01 for swallow16. 231, 232, and 233, two red crayons for two purple crayons, betreida15, lightmusic16, and status14 for basketball17, intention16, and paimon12. 234, 235, and 236, amarcian14, blastia07, and secondson07 for minus12. 237, 238, 239, 240, and 241, avarice02, candy10, free09, freedom06, and legendary07 for death06, death09, dukedom02, key11 and key17. 242 and 243, kekkai04 and wired01 for menma19 and status16. 244, bubblebeam14 for stalker11. 245, twinstar09 for theend06. 246 and 247, lightblue12 and damsel13 for menma04 and health-care04. 248, hopeless08 for easygoing20. 249 and 250, dog05 and madao11 for orbit11 and yuki-onna17. 251-256, JUST LOOK FOR DETAILS mass trades ftw. 257 and 258, bel04 and lostseraph02 for sablier06. 259, sevenseas07 for flirting07. 260, raccoon07 for lifeenergy13. 261, totori09 for lifeenergy14. 262, spells06 for lifeenergy04. 263, brothers07 for lifeenergy06. 264, testamen19 for lifeenergy01. crayon for lifeenergy15. crayon for lifeenergy16. 265, lowborn05 for lifeenergy10. 266, trade chain'd cleanfreak05. 267, ophelia11 for lifeenergy05. 268, doghouse05 for lifeenergy12. 269, donuts06 for fleija03. 270, ophelia11 for lifeenergy05. 271, stars04 for lifeenergy03. 272, whispered06 for lifeenergy07. 273, bk-20120 for lifeenergy09. 274, brickbreak19 for lifeenergy20. 275, hollie20 for lifeenergy19. 276, karate04 for galax05. 277, tuxedo14 for galax07. 278, witchhate06 for imitating06. 279, kusarigama01 for galax13. 280 and 281, breast15 and basement18 for aquarius12 and escape16. 282, otoko15 for pai-pai02. turned in four sketchpads. 283 and 284, canary11 and valentines02 for dukedom06 and lostseraph14. 285, deathgod09 for gamer06. 286, 287, and 288, wickedeye16, reliability19, and calculation14 for starsinger08, levitation06, and knightmare08. 289, 290, and 291, clinic04, clinic12, and kaka13 for balbadd03, gergo19, and literary10. 292 and 293, psychic04 and waterpistol14 for bestfriend12 and viena20. 294, familiar08 for youngest19. 295, 296, 297, and 298, mascots05, shoujo01, snowfairy07, and spot-billed13 for applecot20, heroine11, libra16, and swallow07. 299, themist07 for knightmare03. 300, 301, and 302, bloodyrose01, octal20, and white07 for heroine06, opposite16, and planners14. 303, 304, and 305, short14, gao09, and kidnapped02 for al-thamen06, regain14, and stalker16. 306 and 307, loveletter19 and deny02 for clinic12 and kaka13. 308 and 309, canary11 and valentines07 for dukedom06 and lostseraph14. 310, excluded14 for pai-pai07. 311, 312, and 313, wickedeye16, reliability19, and calculation14 for starsinger08, knightmare08, and levitation06. 314 and 315, psychic04 and waterpistol14 for bestfriend12 and viena20. 316, deathgod09 for gamer06. 317, 318, and 319, blueeyes10, donuts19, and wingzero20 for admiration17, deities14, and rhythmic04. 320, 321, and 322, february12, lostseraph14, and lostseraph16 for deduction11, orbit06, and libra13. 323, wolfbeil03 for survey11. 324, mononoke06 for survey13.
325 and 326, crossdress18 and perfect06 for youngest08 and youngest16. 327 and 328, fuhrer19 and hadome07 for angelic01 and musicboxes06. 329, trusting18 for impatient07. 330 and 331, electricity08 and merines14 for gravity04 and sprinter01. level up, three cards and one yellow crayon. 332, leader09 for darkness20. 333, yo-yo07 for interested02. 334, kagutsuchi10 for hyper04. 335, kusarigama01 for pai-pai14. 335-348, 13 card exchange believe it!!! 349 and 350, internet09 and luck11 for key02 and lostseraph18. 351, zippo20 for applecot18. 352, tarturus19 for survive19. 353 and 354, guilt12 and monk11 for billionaire18 and viewpoint12. 355 and 356, clover18 and jewelwitch08 for selfish18 and angelic18. 357, sadako04 for destined11. 358, avenge14 for copy16. 359 and 360, choromi13 and drinking08 for astronomy03 and scarf14. 361, kunst11 for imitating08. 362, 363, and 364, conceited03, heavyarms08, and worms10 for hyper18, rhythmic02, and cats'ndogs17. 365, keyblade12 for akagami20. 366, copying06 for illomen17. 367, immovable07 for stalker04. 368 and 369, meruru16 and mischief10 for tenshi03 and yami-nabe20, two gray crayons for two orange crayons. 370 and 371, gravity04 and luxury12 for defend06 and hunt19. 372 and 373, greatdane13 and territory19 for applecot12 and basketball19. 374, 375, and 376, destined11, doubledash20, and normal01 for indifferent13, planners11, and seashells04. 377, watergun19 for arc05. 378, kaleidostar02 for yami-nabe01. 379 and 380, trinisette01 and vest04 for applecot05 and orbit01. 381, 382, 383, 384, and 385, details under link! 386, sig trade. 387, chain02 for lostseraph17. 388 and 389, overpower16 and scold07 for benishigure02 and seashells18. 390, twintails18 for medicines09. 391, blaze14 for g-8905. 392, bakeneko14 for applecot10. 393, regain10 for tonfar19. 394 and 395, supergirl09 and sig for fisttype09 and sig. 396, key06 for extreme11. 397 and 398, nirvash19 and sincerity09 for harmonius04 and key15. 399, s-class03 for wires06. 400 and 401, arcroyal05 and mediator20 for asakura02 and music11. 402, beli09 for galax06.

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